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DMIT Councellor

DMIT Councellor

Each child is born with multiple intelligence. Some are good at expressing their thoughts and some are good at visualization. To understand your child’s potential and help them to enhance their in born talent, is utmost priority of every parent.

DMIT is a unique scientific method which helps parents to achieve this. It is a wonderful method which guides you to be the ideal parents of your child and fulfil your child’s future goals with confidence .

Thanks to Brainzx and Superkidz team, for providing such a wonderful opportunity!

Mrunmayi Chavan, Brainzx DMIT Counsellor.


DMIT is an abbreviation of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. Dermatoglyphics is the Scientific study of ridged skin patterns found on fingers, palms, toes and soles. These patterns are formed during the fetal development stage, 13 to 19 weeks.

Anatomically the human hands dominate all other organs in terms of relative importance, the hands are sources of physiological and psychological information of any individual.

Centuries of study and research works has enabled development of dermatoglyphics science. This science in coordination to the Multiple Intelligence Theory of Dr. Howard Gardner has developed an accurate means to provide latent information of any individual with the help of fingerprint study and analysis. This method of analysis is known as Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT).

Why DMIT ?

Toddlers(Age 1 to 4) and Children (Age 4 to 12):

  • Visual, Auditory and Sensory development.
  • Indetify learning style of your child.
  • Identify you Child Talent/Capabilities.
  • Discover Strength and Weakness of your child.
  • Future planning in their interested field.

Teenagers and Youngsters(Age 13 to 25)

  • Future Building.
  • Selection of subject and stream.
  • Differntiate Interest and Intelligence of your child.
  • Knowing the balance between right and left brain.
  • Pathway/Guideline to secure career.


  • Kick Start to Success.
  • Self awareness.
  • Guiding factor for improvement
  • Identify your skills.
  • Humman Resource Development.
  • Review your performance over your intelligence.

Relationship: Relationship building

  • Understanding person's Psychology/Nature.
  • Eliminate your negative behaviour elements.
  • Maintain Co-ordination with family,friends and other social associations.
  • Filling the gap of miscommunication.
  • Realisation of Responsibilities.


Mid Brain Activation training was really good, and all the arrangements made by Superkidz team was wonderful

Sachin Pavaskar (Badlapur East), Civil Engineer

Felt very nice when i saw my kid telling colours blind fold

Seema Baviskar (Vashi), Engineer

It is really very helpful for kids

Archana Malvi (Thane – West), Housewife

Every child should do this course & developed their inborn talent

Piyush Parekh (Ghatkoper – East) Businessman

Something new for us, would like to explore more

Reema Sheety (Ghatkoper - East), Social Worker

Good workshop! it helps my child to educate to higher level

Anil Lad (Vikhroli – East), Mechanical Engineer

Midbrain Activation really helps our child to know their passion & do the best in his/her life

Dr. Trupti Digge (Kharghar - Navi Mumbai), Practicing Dentist

Extremely useful for improving personality, mind, power, concentration, etc., Superkidz Braintec is doing fantastic job which will have everlasting impact on the life of forth coming generations

Shyamsunder Patil (Thane - West), Class one office, State Government

Very interesting for developing brain, mind, body

Siddhi Gaikwad (Andheri), Housewife

I am thoroughly impressed

Madhvi Desai (Nerul – West), Housewife

Really ignited my brain!!!builds-up confidence and imagination power awesome

Durgesh Rane (Thane – West), College Student

It is an amazing science. you all are doing a fabulous job many thanks

Yogini Muchhala (Chowpatty Bandstand), Housewife

Awesome experience ,feels better from two days workshop

Nikesh Bhanushali Ghatkoper – West), Graduate youth

Amazing! too good

Sarika Wairkar (Dadar – West), Housewife

It was very nice experience for my child. wish it was there in our childhood

Vidya Mistry (Vikhroli – East), Housewife

Something that we also wish, we had when were kids excellent!! Wonderful eye-opener!!

Manisha Baviskar (Thane - West), Housewife

Very good staff. Lovely atmosphere. Good concept

Jayesh Londhe (Andheri - West), Engineer